WPL is delighted to announce that the European Investment Bank is an official partner of the WPL Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Gender equality is one of the founding values of the European Union, and a key objective of the Sustainable Development Goals.

It is also smart economics: empowering women is key to enhance business productivity and to catalyse economic growth, social cohesion and social justice.

As the EU bank, EIB ensures that the projects that financed protect all corners of our communities. Women, men, girls and boys must have the opportunity to benefit from their outcome equally and equitably.


Sessions at the WPL Summit:


How Politicians and Financiers Can Cooperate to Ensure Financial Inclusion/Economic Empowerment for Women?


This session explores the policy and financial responses that are needed to support the economic empowerment of women particularly in fragile regions.  The session will focus on real and practical examples in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America - and hear from a range of women working in finance, policy and business.

Moderated by the European Investment Bank’s  (EIB) Head of Global Partners Maria Shaw Barragan and EIB Head of Impact and Development Finance Heike Ruettgers, the session will showcase the work of Venture Capital Funds in Jordan and Kenya and explore how women can and are benefitting from this financing model. We will explore how mentorship for women can be scaled up and what areas of economic activity such as online marketplaces should be supported in order to create the right environment for women to thrive.