“It’s about time! 100 reasons to act”


Draft Programme - 14-04-2018




16:00-18:00         Early registration
                                Venue: Seimas, Building 2 Exhibition Gallery


19:00-21:00         Welcome Reception

                                Hosted by Viktoras Pranckietis, Speaker of Seimas



08:00-09:00         Arrival and registration of participants

                                Venue: Seimas, Building 2 Exhibition Gallery


09:00-09:30         Opening Session - It’s about time! 100 reasons to act! – Women change the World
                                Venue: Seimas Chamber


09:30-09:45         Keynote

                                 Venue: Seimas Chamber


09:45-10:15         WPL Award Session

10:15-10:45         Girl2Leader - Lead like a Girl

                                 Venue: Seimas Chamber


10:45-11:30         Family Photo and Coffee Break

                                 Venue: Building 2 Exhibition Gallery


11:30-11:45         Keynote

                                 Venue: Seimas Chamber


11:45-12:45         Plenary Session - Security

                                 Venue: Seimas Chamber


12:45-14:15         Lunch

                                Hosted by EIGE
                                Venue: Lobby, Building 1, Seimas

14:15-14:30         Keynote

                                 Venue: Seimas Chamber


14:30-15:30         Plenary Session

                                 Venue: Seimas Chamber


15:30-16:00         Coffee Break

16:00-18:00         Policy Focus Sessions (5 simultaneous policy focus sessions)


16:00-18:00       Opportunities and Risks of Digitalisation

                                In cooperation with EIGE


16:00-18:00      Healthy Women, Healthy Economies

                                In cooperation with Merck

16:00-18:00      Politicians and Financiers Cooperating to Ensure Financial Inclusion
                                In cooperation with the European Investment Bank


16:00-18:00     Building Coalitions and Women's Caucuses to Develop a Legislative Agenda
                                In cooperation with the Women’s Democracy Network

16:00-18:00     Social Media Training for Beginners

                                In cooperation with Facebook


18:00-21:00         Cultural Dinner

                                Hosted by Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of the Republic of  Lithuania



08:30-09:00         Video Messages

                                 Venue: Seimas Chamber


09:00-09:15          Keynote

                                Venue: Seimas Chamber


09:15-10:15         Plenary Session


10:15-10:45         Coffee Break


10:45-11:00         Keynotes

                                Venue: Seimas Chamber


11:00-12:00         Plenary Session

                                Venue: Seimas Chamber


12:00-13:30         Lunch

                                Hosted by Linas Kukuraitis, Minister of Social Security and Labour
                                Venue: Lobby, Building 1, Seimas


13:30-15:30         Policy Focus Sessions  (5 simultaneous policy focus sessions)


13:30-15:30        Gender Sensitive Parliament Tool

                                In cooperation with EIGE

13:30-15:30       Motherhood has No Borders
                                In cooperation with MSD for Mothers


13:30-15:30      Radicalisation and Security

                                In cooperation with the Community of Democracies


13:30-15:30      A Woman's Place is in Politics
                                In cooperation with Harvard University


13:30-15:30     Social Media Training for Advanced Users

                                In cooperation with Facebook


15:30-15:50        It is about time! 100 reasons to act!

                               Venue: Seimas Chamber


15:50-16:00        Closing Remarks and Call to Action

                                Venue: Seimas Chamber


16:00-18:00        Statements by National Delegation Leaders

                                Venue: Seimas Chamber


18:00-19:00        Farewell Reception



09:00-14:00      Guided Excursion