Gabriela Creţu

Cretu Gabriela

Gabriela Crețu (born 16.01.1965) is a left wing intellectual and a Romanian politician, currently serving as deputy chairwoman of the Culture and Media Committee in Romanian Senate.

Previously, Gabriela Cretu served as chairwoman of European Affairs Committee and coordinator of the Parliamentary Dimension of Romanian Presidency of the Council of European Union.  She has been a Member of the Senate since 2012, being a rapporteur mainly on political, economic, and financial aspects of European Union. She was a member of the Conference on the Future of Europe. Before being a Senator, Cretu served as an Observer Member and a Member of the European Parliament (2005-2009), Member of the Chamber of Deputies (2004-2007) and Permanent Representative to the European Institutions (2009-2012).

After the 1989 revolution, Gabriela Crețu immediately joined the National Salvation Front. In 1992, the NSF split, and she has since been an active member of the social democrat wing, the present day Social Democratic Party, being a member of its National Council for more than twenty five years now. Openly feminist and militant for gender equality, she was a founding member of the Social Democrat Women Organisation and its national vice-president for many years.

Gabriela Crețu holds a PhD degree on the Epistemology of social sciences from the first Romanian university – the “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iași – where she studied philosophy and history. From 1987 to 2004, when she was firstly elected a member of the national parliament, Gabriela Creţu taught social sciences and economics in high school. For her professional results, she was awarded the rank of officer in the National Order “Educational Merit” (The Romanian national order for accomplishments in education).

Gabriela Creţu is the author of many studies and articles in social sciences, economics, political philosophy, feminism, and epistemology and she has published several books in the field. She was the first blogger among Romanian politicians, writing on her website and a columnist for national newspapers in Romania. She was also active in social media.