Mariam Poghosyan

Mariam Poghosyan Img

Ms. Poghosyan is a Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia. She was elected as an MP as a member of the ruling Civil Contract party on June 20, 2021. She is a member of the Standing Committee on Labor and Social Affairs and of 10 parliamentary friendship groups. Through her work in the Standing Committee Ms. Poghosyan is committed to improving the labor and social system in Armenia. Among other initiatives, she supported the increase of pensions, the adoption of a new labor code, legislation on voluntarism, and is currently working towards improvement to the Law on Charity. Being one of the youngest members of the National Assembly, Ms. Poghosyan also champions the political participation and representation of youth in Armenia’s political life. She knows firsthand that the continued involvement and inclusion of youth in both the work of the Parliament and Armenia’s larger democratic development is instrumental to the future of the country and believes that a democracy that does not include youth is flawed and unable to live up to its full potential. To that end she regularly meets with young people, is a vocal advocate for their concerns and priorities and consistently involves them in the work of the Parliament and political decision-making.