WPL Summit 2024

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19-21 March 2024, Athens


Because we can

WPL Democracy, Peace and Security Summit

video edition - 24th october

WPL Democracy, Peace and Security Summit

Now, more than ever, peace talks are essential ─ and women need to be part of them.

The video edition of the WPL Democracy, Peace and Security Summit – Armenia is taking place on the 24th October. In the context of UN Disarmament day, and week, the #WPLSummitArmenia video edition gathers contributions of worldwide women leaders. Leaders’ messages have one common goal:  we need more women in leadership for peace. 

The WPL Democracy, Peace, and Security Summit is available on all WPL online platforms. These discussions set the tone for the open debate at the Security Council on Women Peace and Security, that took place on 25th October. The debate is called “Women’s participation in international peace and security: from theory to practice.”