Welcome to the WPL Summit 2024:
Democracy for the 21st Century!

WPL Democracy, Peace and Security Summit

Join us from March 19th to 21st in Athens, Greece, as we gather for a transformative global summit at the birthplace of democracy. In 2024, a pivotal super election year for the world, the WPL Summit offers an unparalleled platform for discussions on the evolving challenges and opportunities facing democratic governance.

Amidst the rise of Artificial Intelligence, 24/7 media, and new expectations regarding political efficiency, democracies worldwide are undergoing profound transformations. Yet, the massive overrepresentation of men in political leadership remains a barrier to real representation of societies. The Summit extends its commitment to addressing these challenges and providing actionable insights to shape a future where democratic values thrive globally.

Under the esteemed patronage of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic, Ms. Katerina Sakellaropoulou, and with the participation of prominent dignitaries from Greece and around the world, the WPL Summit 2024 convenes global political leaders, policymakers, and advocates to champion the role of women in advancing and resilient democracies.

From discussions on the evolving role of politicians in response to societal dynamics and technological advancements to the implications of Artificial Intelligence on political processes, the Summit tackles pressing issues facing democracies today. It also addresses pervasive issues such as violence against women in politics, underscoring the importance of inclusive solutions.

In the spirit of ‘Representation Matters,’ the WPL Summit 2024 calls us to action. Let’s champion and forge a future where women’s leadership transforms the very fabric of our democracies.

What: WPL Summit 2024

When: 19-21 March, 2024

Who: Political Leaders

Where: Athens, Greece

video edition - 24th october

WPL Democracy, Peace and Security Summit

Now, more than ever, peace talks are essential ─ and women need to be part of them.

The video edition of the WPL Democracy, Peace and Security Summit – Armenia is taking place on the 24th October. In the context of UN Disarmament day, and week, the #WPLSummitArmenia video edition gathers contributions of worldwide women leaders. Leaders’ messages have one common goal:  we need more women in leadership for peace. 

The WPL Democracy, Peace, and Security Summit is available on all WPL online platforms. These discussions set the tone for the open debate at the Security Council on Women Peace and Security, that took place on 25th October. The debate is called “Women’s participation in international peace and security: from theory to practice.”