WPL is delighted to announce that Community of Democracies is an official partner of the WPL Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Building upon the Warsaw Declaration, the Community of Democracies seeks to support democratic transition and consolidation worldwide and help bridge the gap between principles of democracy and universal human rights and practice. They seek to achieve these goals by: creating a global network of government representatives, members of legislative bodies, civil society and other stakeholders committed to these goals; sharing ideas, advice and best practices; providing opportunities for coordinating democracy support activities; and working towards a common democratic voice in international organisations.


Sessions at the WPL Summit:
The Role of Women in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism


With the increasing number of attacks carried out by radicalized violent extremists, there has been a growing awareness of how women and girls uniquely suffer from its impact. What is less understood is the important role that women can, and should, play in countering and preventing it. Viewing women’s strengths solely through their traditional roles as wives and mothers is to significantly undervalue their potential contribution. UNSCR 2242 (2015) has urged states “to ensure the leadership of women in developing strategies to prevent and counter violent extremism”, yet women’s participation remains elusive. This session will address both the question of why gender matters in PVE and CVE methods, as well as good practices for improving women’s political participation in this regard.